Tooth Decay !!!

August 1, 2017


1. Tooth Decay also called as Dental Caries is a breakdown of tooth structure caused by acids generated during the breakdown of sugars present in the mouth(around the teeth).

2. The tooth has 3 layers. 
Outer layer- Enamel 
Middle layer - Dentin. 



Inner Layer- Pulp.

3. Decay in the Enamel.
Initially it looks like a white spot which will subsequently pick up food spots and turn brown and black. At this stage there is no pain as there is no nerve supply.

4. Decay in Dentin. 
Decay in the second layer is fast advancing and it causes pain as there is nerve supply.

5. Decay in Pulp. 
When the decay reaches this stage there is severe pain coupled with infection which can lead to swelling in the mouth as well as on the face.


For details visit your dentist or look out for our next post on the prevention of Caries
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